Our Chimney Repair Services meets Toronto Fire Code Inspection

Before You Repair Your Chimney

Chimneys in need of repair may be visibly chipped or cracked. As a result, fires may not burn properly or the flue can seem blocked. Because of the serious problems that can arise in a faulty chimney, repairs should never be a do-it-yourself project. A professional chimney repair company will identify and discuss which repairs your chimney may need and which course of action is best.

Before You Start, Consider Our Chimney Repair Services

A professional chimney installation company can help you take the proper steps to ensure that your home or business is prepared for a chimney installation and meets Ontario’s Fire Code. This means a thorough inspection of the area and its surroundings.

The Dangers of a Poorly Installed Chimney

Creosote is an oily black substance that builds up in chimneys over time. It is combustible and if left unattended, can create a fire hazard or block the chimney completely. Creosote, cracked linings and other deterioration can create dangerous situations, leading to poor indoor air quality, unnecessary pollution or carbon monoxide dangers.

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