Who Is Ropel Stone Works

ROPEL STONE WORKS has been in the masonry construction business since 1986. The founder of ROPEL STONE WORKS was a Polish immigrant by the name of Les Ropel who had brought his family from the northern Polish city of GDANSK (DANZIG) where the solidarity movement to escape the communist regime of General Jaruzelski had begun.

Les born in 1954 was the son of a gold/silver jeweler but because of the language skills in his new homeland he had begun his new life in the masonry business in 1982. In 1996 Les’ oldest son Mateusz (Mat born 1979) had begun working with his father and learning the masonry trade through first hand experience.

Today Mateusz is running this well rounded stone masonry business and takes pride in the trade that he learned through hard work and experience from years of working with his father Les. Today father and son work hand in hand.

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